Welcome to the Ring of Lough Derg - Whiskey Tastings!

We Irish proudly claim to have discovered whiskey when a group of Irish monks returned to Ireland from their travels sometime around 700 A.D. bringing with them a new technique of distilling perfumes. This technique was then modified by the Irish to achieve a drinkable spirit called Uisce Beatha, translated as 'Water of Life' and later anglicized to the name whiskey.

Since then Ireland has had a very long and colourful history of whiskey so there's no better place than Ireland to explore the intriguing world of whiskey and it's heritage. A visit to the picturesque twin towns of Killaloe/Ballina on The Ring of Lough Derg is a must for whiskey enthusiasts.

Flanagans Whiskey Tower

Killaloe was once home to a thriving whiskey distillery in the 18th century and although the whiskey still has long since closed, the spirit lives on at Flanagan's Whiskey Tower.

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Our Whiskey Tastings

We arrange private whiskey tasting packages at The Whiskey Tower to suit any palate for both novices and the discerning connoisseurs.

Learn about the history of whiskey and quickly become an expert with the guidance of a whiskey master who will show you how to fully appreciate the nose and taste of some rare and wonderful whiskeys.

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